Leadership is a servant's role.
To lead, one must stand behind.
Oh, hello~!

With each passing year I learn a little more about who I am. As it turns out, I am someone who enjoys dying arts. The more antiquated something is, the more I love it. I invested in a concert harp and lessons the way most invest in multiple luxury cars. I took ballet for decades and my body has been forever changed. I go to balls and I stay at palaces. I watch old movies and I replay old games.

Despite all of my interests being stuck in a rose-coloured version of the past, part of me is forever excited by the future and the emerging technology that comes with it. New ways to build things, faster ways to share information, and most importantly, the freedom of expression in a connected world.

When I was a child, I wanted to be Captain Picard. Now that I've grown up, I realized that it wasn't the role of a starship captain that I aspired to. It was the ability to inspire others and change minds through equality and diplomacy, even at the cost of career progression.

Success is leaving businesses better than how I found them, including the highly ambitious people I meet. Today my voyage is to discover how to better understand myself, others and the world by always learning.

I look forward to gaining more wisdom as I get antiquated myself...


About me


Practicing on my Lyon and Healy Chicago Concert Grand Harp at home.

Learning at leisure

After a chance meeting with two talented musicians on the VIA1 train from Toronto to Vancouver, I was inspired to begin learning the harp. With private tutelage from the Royal Conservatory of Music, where I had previously studied piano, I hope to become a harp teacher and volunteer therapist after retirement.

I've been a member of American Harp Society and learning for over a decade, but have yet to truly dedicate myself to regular practice due to constant travel. For now, I'm good at putting people to sleep.

Flare Gamer

Jenn, myself, Shannon & Meral on our way to the Royal Dublin Society's Horse Show. One of a kind hats by millner Sheila Morley.

Ladies' Day at the races

Most of my friends are gamers because my childhood was spent playing Japanese games on every console. My highschool years were a misty memory of playing arcade fighting games, survival horror, and JRPGs.

My friends and I had so much fun bonding while developing websites about games, that it evolved into us travelling the world together. I still love video games, since it lead me to appearing on TV shows and magazines, and it was at a TV network where I met my husband.

Calligrapher & Dancer

My friends and I have begun calligraphy as a hobby for relaxing. This Swarovski bracelet was a present for women attending the Opernball.

Something in her air

I have always relied on quickly writing notes to collect my thoughts. Now that I'm learning calligraphy, I've begun to compose and write with intention.

Since the age of three I've enjoyed Ballet and since highschool I've enjoyed Ballroom dancing. My husband and I love to waltz; we choreographed the dance for our wedding at Casa Loma. We recently attended the opera ball in Vienna, participating in the mitternachts and 2am quadrille & galopp.


My home office is a soft romantic space with books, I fill it with scents and flowers.

Life in harmony

In recent years I've found my place as a servant leader and I enjoy witnessing the postive impact my team leaves on others. I still keep my technical skills sharp through volunteering.

My focus is shaping environments that are inclusive, transparent and empowered by modeling my own collaboration style as a norm. I'm always learning, and each year I complete executive programs such as those at Rotman School of Management.

Recent roles
Executive Director, Digital Marketing


Driving new acquisition, improved experiences and deeper adoption for the Chase payment solutions business in Canada. Strategically expanding market share to become the #1 payments platform globally.
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2021 – present
Fractional CMO

Rune Knight Media – CONSULTING

Focusing on high growth strategies for B2B SaaS companies, Rune Knight Media arms businesses of all sizes. Tailoring solutions with expertise and trusted relationships to propel brands to the next level.
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2021 – present
Director, Digital Marketing


Building the teams, frameworks and processes to globally market a powerful machine learning platform. Setting the foundations for B2B growth by pushing the boundaries of experience and design.
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2019 – 2021
Sr. Manager, Digital Strategy

salesforce – CLOUD COMPUTING

Leading a team across Canada and Latin America to execute B2B marketing and demand generation strategies. Driving campaigns and processes in order to bring revenue growth to the #1 CRM.
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2014 – 2019
Digital Producer


Growing a digital arm of the business through award-winning B2C campaigns for clients such as Diageo, 3M, Microsoft and Xbox by pushing the boundaries between digital and digital advertising.
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2013 – 2014
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